Vote EchoHawk for City Council

Dear Ketchikan voters:

I am pleased to see how many candidates are running in Ketchikan’s upcoming municipal elections on October 6th, and I am relieved there is healthy competition for every open seat on the Borough Assembly and City Council. Today I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for one City Council candidate in particular—Grant EchoHawk.

It shouldn’t be too surprising or controversial to say that many people in Ketchikan feel disconnected and even alienated from the decisions that our City Council makes. We need to elect councilmembers who can repair that disconnect as quickly and effectively as possible. Grant EchoHawk’s years of experience in teambuilding, business leadership, and volunteer work clearly demonstrate that he has the skills to foster dialogue and involve more of our community in local government. It’s a special feeling when you feel truly listened to, and that’s the feeling I get when I talk to Grant.

Grant is an incredible listener and communicator, and he also has a rare combination of both empathy and logic. In my book, that makes him the ideal candidate to listen to the needs of everyone in our community while also pursuing practical solutions. I trust and expect that, if elected to the City Council, Grant EchoHawk would listen eagerly to our community’s questions, and he would work tirelessly to find the answers. That’s why he has my vote.

Please vote in our local elections on or before Tuesday, October 6th!



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Peter Stanton

Peter Stanton


I’m a history teacher writing a book on the Tlingit 19th century. Waashdan Ḵwáan. Kichxháanx’ yéi xhat yatee. (American settler in Ketchikan) Tw: @peterstanton